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Welcome to our home.

Are you finding life difficult?  Tired of self-help gurus who seem to be only helping themselves?  The good news is that there is a solution, it is available in this life, and it is free!

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casadas peludas cojieno

People have been practising meditation, tai chi and yoga for years, and every person who reaches "enlightenment" will try to teach it based on the explanations they were given.  Thus, by having a list of succession, each school can show they have inherited the biases and unscientific thinking of thousands of years ago.  What is needed, is someone to attain their "enlightenment" or "awakening" by forging their own path while keeping within the bounds of scientific realism, and yet at the same time verifying their experiences by comparison with traditional writings.  That someone is one of our founding members.

cojienocojieno The methods here are based on the experience of that someone and verified by the other founder members.  We do not call it "enlightenment" or "awakening".  We prefer the term liberation.  The only secret held here is that you can reach your own liberation just by following our methods.

Imagine not feeling fear, understanding the motives behind what people say, responding to people with warmth.  Yes, even controlling your own destiny.  Not a superhero, but not a fool either.  The list is endless, although unlike traditional superheroes you will not be able to walk through walls, fly or walk on water.  The biggest difference will be that every day you will enjoy life with freshness and spontaneity.

Founder Member

Name nothing, experience everything!